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Warehouse Operations

Foreign trade zone
Allows multiple containers for a single processing fee, avoidance of US tariff until shipment into the US, elimination of duty drawback on shipments made to Mexico and Canada. Full reporting capability for US Customs compliance

Packaging for stock
Conversion of bulk inventory to pack quantity or individual packages with labeling suitable for US, Canada, or Mexico sale

Special labeling for OE or promotions as well as labeling for stock

Uniboxing of various components that make up a subassembly

WMS operations and maintenance
Operation and maintenance of paperless warehouse management system

TMS operations and maintenance
Traffic management system operation and maintenance directly fed from WMS to generate consolidated BOL’s

Cycle counting
Inventory verification methodology used within WMS

Layout consulting
CAD program available to do layout work for optimization of travel time and flow

Data warehouse reporting--operations
Cost per pick, store, ship per SKU

Slow moving inventory reporting
Reports on demand from WMS showing slow or non-moving inventory

Return goods processing
Inspection, scrap, repackaging, relabeling, written dispositions submitted electronically for Member judgment on restocking

Physical hand-off of products being “direct” shipped from plants or non-CoLinx stocking locations where the pool network can deliver faster and at less cost vs. a “direct” route through LTL terminals

Visibility of incoming inventory with ERI/ASN’s in order by next day at 8AM latest, preparation of ERI data and labeling on product received without “license tag”

Wood shipping crate refurbishment
Clean up or scrap of reusable shipping crates and return to manufacturing locations

Literature handling
Fulfillment center for sales literature

Lean event management
Cost and efficiency oriented employee involvement programs

Insert change out
Exchange of a bore size within a mounted product housing to fill an order need for an assembly not in stock

Assembly work
Change of construction for ratios, shaft outputs, or conduit box locations, also assembly of stock components per drawings to fulfill systems orders—UL and CSA certified

MHE maintenance and purchasing
Assisting members selecting MHE, making the purchase against the Members’ lease line, operating and maintaining the equipment

Export crating
Building of crates per Member specifications for export

Paperwork matching
Attachment of paperwork from Member to shipment

Tracking, tracing, and expediting
Distribution services team that acts as liaison with Member inside sales team

Emergency shipment service
7/24/365 availability of inventory

Export paperwork preparation
Producing documents for Members

Warehouse lease management
Negotiations for all CoLinx locations

Manage locations throughout NA
Crossville, Dallas, Philly, Reno, Toronto, Edmonton

ISO9000 certification maintenance
Lloyds audited certifications in Crossville, Sparks, Dallas, Bellmawr and Toronto Edmonton scheduled in 2005

Container Freight Station
The Container Freight Station status held by CoLinx is used to unload, consolidate and stage international in-bond shipments prior to domestic shipment or export. This area also holds in bound in-bond shipments prior to U.S. Customs' validation of the Transit Bond.


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