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What Is CoLinx?

CoLinx, LLC is a manufacturer-owned provider of shared e-commerce and logistics services in North America.

Four premium brand industrial manufacturers of the brands ABB, INA, SKF and Timken founded CoLinx in January 2001 to share costs associated with logistics and e-commerce and to accelerate growth. The company Owners believe that the rapid delivery of both product and information are key to long-term success. In 2006, the manufacturer of Gates belts acquired an equal ownership stake with the original four Owners.

The company has grown to include warehousing operations in four US locations, two Canadian locations, and global e-commerce operations headquartered in Greenville, SC. The company employs over 1100 people billing over $100 million annually in service revenue. CoLinx provides services shared by some or all Owners in the form of:

  • Warehousing
  • Transportation management
  • Freight bill audit and payment
  • Packaging
  • Kitting
  • Assembly
  • Return goods processing
  • US foreign trade zone
  • PTplace™ web malls in North America
  • Owner specific web stores in 23 languages in 126 countries
  • DeliveryData.net
  • System to System connections between manufacturers and distributors
  • System to System connections between manufacturers and carriers
  • CoLinx Critical expedited shipping
  • Cross-docking

Owners are allocated costs based on proprietary cost sharing methodology. CoLinx is a different kind of company. The company does not operate as a profit center. All benefits accrued by the company are directly passed back to the Owners in the form of faster delivery and reduced costs. The company does not promote itself or try to build a brand image. The company's only mission is to "be the best choice" for the manufacturers it serves and the employees of CoLinx.

The basic concepts are simple.

When there are many companies shipping like products to like destinations, consolidation reduces shipping and handling costs. When there is consolidation, cost effective shipments can be made more frequently. When shipments are made more frequently customer service improves, cost per pound declines, and less inventory is needed in the supply chain. When there are many companies supporting basic e-commerce web services to the same group of distributors or carriers, a common gateway reduces technical complexity and simplifies operation and maintenance.

Warehouse demand is highly variable. When many companies share a warehouse, common areas and support staff are shared. Shared front line distribution specialists better accommodate peaks and valleys. By sharing, investments in high fixed cost technologies such as WMS, ASRS, conveyance, shop floor tablet technology, and engineered standards become justifiable.

CoLinx specializes in the bearing and power transmission products industry. The CoLinx Transportation System is dependent on a healthy Authorized Distributor channel for Owner manufacturers. CoLinx does all possible to help its Owners and their Authorized Distributors serve customers. Since 2001, the company's compound annual growth rate is over 10%. Since 2007, over $25M in automation and technology investments have been made to keep the company positioned as "the best choice."

What makes CoLinx special is noble purpose. The company views itself not as delivering products, but delivering paychecks. The products shipped by CoLinx are all mission critical. Without them, machines don't run, and the downtime means someone can't earn their paycheck. We have no profit motive, so the CoLinx mission is to protect and preserve jobs by being the best choice. Our corporate priorities are simple:

  • Keep safety first
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Deliver on time and accurately
  • Spend wisely

In. That. Order. History has proven if we follow these priorities we can remain the best choice, and continue to grow.

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