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A Noble Purpose

What makes CoLinx special is noble purpose. The products shipped by CoLinx support critical infrastructure industries. The CoLinx mission is to protect and preserve jobs by being the best choice. To aid in this effort we prioritize keeping safety first, treating everyone with respect, delivering accurately and on time, and spending wisely. If we follow our corporate priorities in order, history has proven we will remain the best choice and continue to grow.

Safety First
Respect Everyone
Deliver Accurately
Spend Wisely

Locations Across North America

We have strategically placed locations throughout North America to ensure the best service to our customers.

Our Services

At CoLinx, we aim to combine ecommerce and logistics for the mutual benefit of manufacturers and distributors.

Transportation Management

We manage fleets, routes, and all of the paperwork to serve North America.
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Warehouse Operations

We operate seven strategic warehouse locations to best serve our distributors.
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E-Commerce Solutions

We develop the leading ecommerce platform for the automotive industry.
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