Transportation Management

Contract management

Negotiator for all NA LTL, parcel and truckload freight movements for most Members including those that pass through CoLinx plus all other shipments to/from other locations.

Dedicated fleet management

Establishment and maintenance of dedicated fleet movements for plant to warehouse and warehouse to warehouse freight movements for Members.

Freight bill payment

US and Canadian freight bill payment, including custom reporting.

Freight bill audit

Matching of BOL and actual bill, including dispute resolution, and check generation as needed by Member.

Pool system creation and operation

Over 10 NA pool cities offering daily service to cities East of the Rocky Mountains, and 5 day per week service to western US.

Expedited freight services

Very competitive special delivery contract pricing.

Fleet, Pool and LTL shipment consolidation

Complete integration of mixed brands on all replenishments to regional centers, shipments to pool cities, and shipments to Distributor DC’s. Consolidation of LTL from pool city to customer, if Members allow, by ship to location.

Bill of Lading generation

Generating BOL’s for Members and for CoLinx consolidated bills as the freight forwarder.

Migration to lesser cost modes

Analysis of orders for migration from Air Freight to Parcel to LTL to Truckload on all orders submitted with best way routing.

Internal carrier selection compliance

Reports provided on all carrier selections made outside contracts based on freight bill payment data.

Cross-docking coordination

Cross docking freight from manufacturing plants through CoLinx facilities for faster delivery at a lower cost using the pool system.

Data warehousing-freight bills

Freight payment historical data available to Members.

Freight cost consulting

Providing freight cost analysis vs. published rates for use in individual company policy making.

Order consolidation service

Bringing together products from disparate plants for consolidation into a single customer shipment.

Truck and container co-loading for export

Consolidation of multi-brand, multi-order and multi-product shipments going to Canada.

Pallet return program administration

Toll free number for customers to call for ordering a pick up of re-usable pallets.

CoLinx Critical shipments program

Complete coordination of emergency shipments 24/7.

Warehouse Operations

Foreign trade zone

Allows multiple containers for a single processing fee, avoidance of US tariff until shipment into the US, elimination of duty drawback on shipments made to Mexico and Canada. Full reporting capability for US Customs compliance.

Packaging for stock

Conversion of bulk inventory to pack quantity or individual packages.


Customer specific labeling as well as labeling for stock.


Boxing of various components that make up a subassembly.

WMS operations and maintenance

Operation and maintenance of paperless warehouse management system.

Cycle counting

Inventory verification methodology used within WMS.

Data warehouse reporting-operations

Cost per pick, store, ship per SKU.

Return goods processing

Inspection and processing of return goods.


Non-CoLinx stocked shipments are added into dock operations from other locations to improve delivery speed.


Material updated into stock location 24 hours a day.

Lean event management

Cost and efficiency oriented employee involvement programs.

MHE maintenance and purchasing

Internal selection and maintenance of equipment.

Export crating

Building of crates per Member specifications for export.

Tracking, tracing, and expediting

Distribution services team that acts as liaison with Member inside sales team.

Emergency shipment service

7/24/365 availability of inventory.

Order Fulfillment

Processing internal and external orders.


Picking material stored in the warehouse through tablet technology.


Applying address labels and packing lists with shipment details.

ISO9001 certification maintenance

Quality Management System based on ISO9001.

E-Commerce Solutions

Web mall operations

Mall operations and Stores for Members in the US, Canada, Mexico.

System to System Connections

S2S gateway between Members and Customers for pricing, availability, order submit, and order status checks. To learn more, click here.

Carrier Direct

Gateway between Members and Carriers for freight bills and BOL.

Data loading tool

Allows easy update of all on-line databases.

Data warehouse

Provides click stream reports on web use.


Allows store administrator to control dynamic content on web storefronts, and control all data.

Freight bill payment data flow

Electronic transmission of billing data and bills of lading for most Members.

XML transaction infrastructure consulting

Helping Members set up and maintain XML transaction engines to communicate with CoLinx or others.

Network administration

Management of the network out to and including the router at Member locations.

24/7 help desk operations

Representatives always available to ensure the platform is running properly.